Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Batman SNOW 193 page 8

This page shows where Dr. Fries takes his wife when he has her released from the hospital: to the laboratory where his experimental work with ice has been taking place. All the images on this page are primarily of architecture and technological spaces. Seth liked to design architecture as well as invent technical things. He also made an effort to make his give his spaces the feel of ordinariness by putting people’s personal doodads on the tables in their work areas, different details in each cubicle. The small center frame is a picture of Dr. Fries drawn from the inside of the tube looking out. The viewer is inside the tube, just as Mrs. Fries will be in the next frame. Seth has used this strategy in a number of places in this series, looking out at the protagonist from inside a small space. It makes the picture interesting, gives a view of the inside of the space, and makes it seem as though maybe the machine is in control of him and not vice versa.

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