Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Batman SNOW 193 page 7

Seth has given these images drama through the variety of points of view (or camera angles, as he referred to them). Dr. Fries leans over the nurse’s station in the upper left frame, talking with a chubby nurse, while a doctor (drawn to look like Seth’s father, who is a doctor), rushes in from another room to try and stop him from releasing his wife from the hospital. At the nurses' station we can see everything in the waiting room: the shape and decor of the room, Mrs. Fries in the background, and another person doing something. We see the light overhead, the painting on the wall, the boxes of records in the foreground. Note the nurse's uniform, old style as befits a nurse from another era. Nurses haven't worn a cap with a little cross on it for decades.
In the next frame we see the two men from a low and close-up point of view, increasing the intensity of their interaction.
The frame of Fries and his wife is drawn from their eye level for greater intimacy. The plain background of these two frames makes it clear that the action in each case is between just these two people; no other entities are involved at all.
The bottom frame is a long shot with their VW bug driving along a country road with the city far away.

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