Monday, April 14, 2008

Seth painting 2004

A little something different.
Among the files on Seth's hard drive there was a series of photos of Seth painting, with his friend Peter and a crew of helpers. The file is marked June 2004. He was painting panels to mount on the ceiling and walls of a Pachinko parlor outside of Nagoya. He did all the graphic art for this place, and then I presume they wanted him to do something big for the walls too. He looks as though he is serious about his work, but having fun too.


bgudna said...

wow that´s great stuff! was this project finished? are there any photos of the panel set up?

also I bought the sketchbook that´s being sold on ebay, and I highly recommend it!

Vicki said...

To bgudna--
I have never seen the place myself, but the project WAS finished. On some trip to Japan I will ask Hisako to take me there. I'll post a photo of the closest thing I have to Seth's panels in place, plus a couple of other images that he did for the Pachinko place. I'll also add a label to some older blog entries with images he did for this place, so they are easier to find in the archives here.

I am glad you like the sketchbook. I like it too.