Friday, April 11, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 3 page 1

The third issue of the Big in Japan series opens with our protagonists--along with Dr Yamane--at the North Pole. Seth's drawing of snow and ice is very chilly looking. Actually, as I look at the comic book side by side with the original b/w drawing, it seems more effectively cold without the color. The lines are the stars of the page, elegantly curving lines that somehow show how small and alone the human beings are in this frozen place.
Incidentally, how does an artist show individual characteristics of the players when they are all wearing thick hoods and most of them have on goggles besides? Some of them are easy; Ben Grimm has scales on his face, and Iron Man still has on his iron suit, though he is wearing a snow cap. But Yamane is the interesting one. We don't even know from the text to expect him in this place, but we'd know those eyebrows anywhere. Seth has given him one clear facial clue that makes him instantly recognizable no matter what else happens to his face.

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