Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 2 page 8

Close up of Grogg the monster's hand. Though his face is cowlike, his hand is like Mickey Mouse's, with three fingers and no fingernails. It looks surprisingly benign, lacking anything like a claw to threaten us with. Tell that to Iron Man, of course, who is smashed against the building by that huge hand.

The sound words here are Seth specials. BOOM BOOM from the cannons or guns, is straightforward enough, and the look of those words is too. FOOM FOOM from the torpedos on the left, is a little less standard. But the wonderful one is at the bottom right where Grogg hits the building with the flat of his hand: WPAK, in 3D letters drawn as if they were level with the side of the building, with blocks (Blocks of sound, that is, these are not pieces of concrete) scattering from the letters. A splendid representation of the sound made by an enormous hand smacking a building.

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