Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 2 page 6

Another page of ordered chaos (with a small slug billboard in the upper right). There was a Batman page that I posted some time ago where hands seemed to be a theme. Feet are a theme here, at least in the bottom half of the page. We see feet showcased in several places: a gorilla foot from below, and the same foot up close, then also there are Ms Fantastic's feet seen from below, with the circle motions around them that indicate her special power.
I love the gorilla in the second panel peeling the train like a banana. He IS a gorilla, after all.
Interestingly, as I look at the comic book, I see that the published page has something added (not subtracted as in some of the DC work). It is a word balloon, so I guess it is really the letterer's job rather than Seth's, though since it is wordless, Seth could have put it in, and sometimes did add the same sort of thing. The gorilla in the second panel has a thought balloon with a skull and crossbones.

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j_ay said...

All these Bob in Tokyo signs have me pondering, in total melancholy-mode, that if one of the projects that Seth was possibly to work on after Big in Japan, an Ant-Man book (again with Zeb Wells, I believe), we would have seen much more of Bob in all kinds of crazy perspective…
(Vicki, Ant-Man’s powers, probably not too hard to figure out, are that he can shrink down to ant size, and communicate with them)

Peeling the train like a banana is a genius drawing…