Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 1 page 4

This is the inside title page of this series. As such Seth left white space on the left side for the title and credits. But as in all of his work, what could be a boring throwaway page has become a page full of visual energy, funny details, and interesting staging. The heroes are focused on at the upper right with a circle behind them. That is more or less standard, I think. The crowd scene in the middle, like all Seth's crowd scenes, is cute, funny, interesting. Each person has his own personality. Then the bottom panel shows what this crowd is actually interested in--not monster fighters--they are interested in a super-hot guy. I love the hand putting him out there, because he is too shy to face his adoring fans by himself, or, considering what happened to Hike in Vertigo Pop, justifiably afraid of a crowd of female Japanese fans.


Gareth said...

Great page, Vicki. I see what you mean about the faces; each one is a character study. I also like the cartoony/manga style that they're drawn in. However, I always thought the hand was pulling him AWAY (to get on with other things).

Vicki said...

Oh. Pulling him away! I see, you are probably right. I guess it could be read both ways, but your way makes more sense to the story.

j_ay said...

Yes, pulling away. Johnny Storm is notorious for being a…’ladies man’.
I love the heart beating out of his chest!
Gorgeous page.