Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 1 page 14

This is one of those pages that shows the theme of what is happening without showing it literally. The particular struggles that each character is having with his or her individual monster is not carried through either before or after this page. Seth must have considered that it was going to become a poster; he signed it at the lower left. Otherwise he never signed his comic book pages. I love the girl in her school uniform holding back the tongue of the creature on the right. Seth always managed to put many figures and a lot of action in a single image without making it look crowded or confusing at all.


Richard said...

And that's the page I ended up with, Mrs. Fisher! It's incredible.


j_ay said...

I’m *beyond* jealous, Richard.

Stunning page

Vicki said...

Rick--I am very glad to know what you own of Seth's. We have been trying to track down, little by little, the pages that Seth sold, in order to have a record of where most of his artwork is, for posterity or something. It just seemed important to know.
Seth himself didn't seem to keep records of what he sold, or to whom.