Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Stuff I wish people had told me a long time ago" part 5

This is the last paragraph from the page I have been quoting for the past few days.

Perspective and the Body
A common complaint from amateur artists is not having characters that are grounded. In other words objects, but more often people tend to seem to float off the ground slightly, or even more obvious they just can't seem to get the figure out where the people belong in space behind other people. The great thing is that there is an easy fix. Rule #457, know your horizon. If you know your horizon it is a cinch to find the heights of people. Draw in your first figure. He can be any height. Find where the horizon cuts through his body. The horizon must cut through every character's body at the same place (assuming they are the same height). Easy, right? What if your shot is overhead and the horizon doesn't touch the body? Then chances are you can draw them anywhere and it will be ok....

I suspect that some (or maybe all) of this information on perspective comes from a book that he read and absorbed early in his career called Perspective! for comic book artists by David Chelsea. I haven't read the book, but Seth did, and learned a lot from it.

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j_ay said...

Thanks, Vicki. That was a real treat to get read some of Seth’s’ thoughts and approaches. 99.98% of my drawings have been just one figure and rarely had a background, but I’m going to make the big jump, so such insights are vital.

And I’ll be purchasing that book right away.