Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Stuff I wish people had told me a long time ago" part 4

The following paragraph was on the same pages as the tips 1 through 30. It may be something that Seth found somewhere and saved as it was helpful to him. (The blah blah blah in the middle makes me think that this may be the case.) He may also have typed up what someone else wrote and added to it from his own experience.

"Anatomy: Faces
"One of the major stumbling blocks for me as an artist has been (and continues to be) drawing realistic faces. It seems like everywhere you look people are drawing faces in totally different styles (and proportions) and they all seem to look right. Of course all the while your own seem to look wrong. It came as a major revelation to me the way in which perspective shapes our views of faces. Looking at a face from point blank results in very exaggerated features. The nose seems to take up much more of the face than...blah blah blah...The interesting thing is that most artists deal with these issues subconsciously. Giving your characters the bigger features results in more "personal" looking images, while making the features smaller gives them more of a Hollywood movie star look, as if they are distant and untouchable. The decision is not so much a matter of which is better, but when to use each."

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j_ay said...

Interesting to read Seth’s take on the complex rendering of faces.
I often have thought he was trying to work something out (so to speak), with Sue’s face in particular, during the 4 issues of FF/Iron Man.
Needless to say, I loved her look.