Saturday, December 8, 2007

"Stuff I wish people had told me a long time ago"

I found this list of illustration tips in a folder in Seth's website. There are 30 of these tips, plus some other notes to himsef with ideas to keep in mind while drawing. I'll post the first 10 of the tips now, written just as I found them (though with his awful spelling corrected). More later. Maybe sometime I will find examples of how he used each of these in his work.

Tip 1: Get lots of sleep
Tip 2: Know your horizon
Tip 3: Use layers to achieve more cinematic and realistic effects and to fill up empty space in your pages
Tip 4: Erase
Tip 5: Use both photo references and a mirror; they are different.
Tip 6: Use key objects to simplify your story telling
Tip 7: You are the master of your page
Tip 8: Use perspective to focus your drawings
Tip 9: Tilted planes imply movement
Tip 10: Use 3 point perspective for more movement


Geoffo said...

Thank you (both of you).

j_ay said...

Tips you can't go wrong with...