Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vertigo Pop Tokyo 1, page 24

Here is another page that is up on the wall at Secret Headquarters. Another terrific (or as Seth might say, Smurfilicious) page from Vertigo Pop Tokyo. Lots of action, arms and bodies pointing in various different directions. Nothing sedate or calm here. Though Seth loved detail, he wasn't afraid of white space either. The large open space in the middle of the room in one of the center panels makes clear where the action is happening.


j_ay said...

Thanks for posting these, it's dynamic to see Seth's work in its original b&w. Wish I could hit the show, but I'm on the other side of the world.
What's available for sale at the show?

Vicki said...

Only 8 pages for sale; the pages on the walls are just to look at. For sale are 3 from Flash, 2 from Batman Snow, 2 from Tokyo Pop, and 1 from Doom Patrol. I am glad you like seeing the pages in black & white. I think that almost all of them look better that way.