Thursday, October 4, 2007

Doom Patrol #14, page 12

During the Middle Ages and on through the Renaissance, European artists used their art to tell stories (mostly from the Bible). Often they would show several different parts of the story in one scene. It was sequential art--which is what comic books are--except that the early artists showed the parts of the story as if they were all happening together.
That is what Seth has done in this page. We see both of Elasti-Lass's hands in the top part of the page, but in the bottom, one of her fists has broken through the ceiling of the underground chamber. There is a dotted line around the curved ground surface, but otherwise the sequence is shown as though it were happening at the same time.
I am pretty sure Seth did not know about the 14th and 15th century forerunners of this way of showing action, but he used it to good effect even so.

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