Wednesday, October 3, 2007

C3PO gets enlightened

I have a letter from Seth written in November of 2004 in which he sent me a scan of this image. He said that he did it on commission for Dave West, who likes robots. That's all I know about it. The stem of the plant seems to be mechanical as well. But in his enlightenment there appears a small but real plant: a radish, I would say.


O. Douglas said...

I am so happy that you are keeping Seth's site active. My first awareness of Seth's work was when I picked up Tokyo Pop a couple of years ago. Then I collected all the issues of his Fantastic Four comic "Famous in Tokyo". I was heart broken to read of his passing and have since collected more of his published work. I believe Seth was a true artistic visionary and I hope his legacy of fine work will be remembered and appreciated for many generations to come.

O. Douglas said...

I forgot to mention that in March of 2006 I did a tribute to Seth on the cover of the Zine that I produce to showcase artwork by my students.

You can link to the flickr image of the cover here.

You are welcome to download and use the cover image in any way you choose. It was inspired by Seth's art for "Willworld".

Vicki said...

To o. douglas:
Thank you so much, both for your encouragement on keeping Seth's site open, and for the link to your homage to him. To me the thought of Seth's website sitting uncared-for and less and less visited seemed like watching a beloved house sit empty until the plants die and kids start throwing rocks through the windows.
Yes, I see in your Zine cover some of the elements from Willworld: floating heads, those baroque buildings, other floating things, and a bizarre landscape. You mention Escher in your comments on the cover. Page 15 in Willworld is a little Seth Fisher homage to Escher.
Thank you for your permission to use your artwork. That might be a nice thread here--ways that other artists have been inspired by Seth.