Thursday, September 20, 2007

Willworld page 73

Below I am posting a paragraph that Seth wrote in about 1998 (that is, before he actually drew the above page from Willworld) about drawing comic books.

"Comics are of course a big part of my life. My new book Happydale is getting geared up to be released by DC Comics early next year if all goes as planned. Comics are the hardest thing I have ever done. I fret over timing, variety, angles, page composition, panel composition as well as just trying to draw nice pictures and tell a story. It's mind numbing the variables involved, and I have only a fraction of the insight my mentors posses. But it's wonderful too. Drawing is such an evolution for me. I get to watch my style change as my influences change (from Colorado to Japan to Italy). Ideally, my goal is to make the art that I myself want to buy. Not unreasonable in theory. Ultimately though, I enjoy my art in two ways: as an artist who takes pride in his creation and as a consumer who just wants to look at art. They are definitely distinct points of view. At times all I see are mistakes in my work and at others I am so overwhelmed by the whole process I can't imagine where it all comes from."

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