Friday, September 21, 2007

Willworld page 30

In 2000, Seth was living in San Diego. He and I went out to lunch one time, when he had just gotten started working on Willworld, and he brought the script with him that he was working from. It was a partial script, and this page was on top, with a brief description of the grasshopper song and dance man. I remember Seth telling me that the grasshopper had to have a certain air of confidence, and the whole scene had to have a particular feel to it. I realized then how hard it is to draw comic books. The artist is given only words. From those he has to be able to come up with mental images that match, or at least corroborate the script writer's ideas. Then he has to be able to actually put those mental images on paper in a clear and rational way for readers to be able to follow.

Seth always put much more into his scenes than was actually asked for. I don't remember if the gorilla (with the optometric glasses) was mentioned in the script, but surely most of the details were not.

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