Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bank$ cover

This drawing was done for a CD cover for a Japanese band called Bank$. Several Seth trademarks: realistic architecture and street details, elegant perspective, small animals in incongruous places, signs in the street with in-jokes (The one at the top of the building, right under the 3-eyed creature, says セス which is the transliteration of "Seth". The 3rd one down on the right side, underneath a hamburger and the word Buddha, is this:寿which is the Kanji for his wife Hisako's name. And what is that fish that we can partly see about midpage on the left?)
By the way, I found out that wall space at Cup O' Joes is limited; there was room for just 8 pieces.
So it is possible that I have posted something and said it was there, but it isn't. Oh well, I wish I could get there to see.


Hisako said...
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Hisako said...

I know "Baby Bob" is his son.
Before he is born Seth called him "Bob".

I love this picture.