Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Myst 3 drawings

My computer is down right now with all my picture files, so I am on the laptop putting up Seth's drawings that are available online. These are a couple of drawings he did in 2000 for Myst III Exile, a stunningly beautiful game. He designed the scenery as well as the puzzles for two of the ages: the first one and the last one.
I remember when he was working on these. He wanted a look that was Art Nouveau, but with a fantasy edge. The first image is a room on top of a giant tusk, accessible by the walkway that you can see in the picture, as well as from below by elevator. The second image is of the elevator that is used to go up and down inside the tusk.
Working on this game gave him the opportunity to create not just images, but puzzles as well, puzzles that were not too simple, and were integral to the scene and the story.

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