Wednesday, January 30, 2019

FloweringNose Day

We have come to celebrate this day:
It's a day to Draw, Paint, Carve, Sculpt, Sew, Knit, or use whatever is your preferred medium, or--maybe this is even better--to choose a new medium that you are uneasy about, to create Art.
It is a day to celebrate and encourage other artists to go beyond what is safe and easy, to do what their soul yearns for.
It is a day to take the necessary risks in order to get to the place you have seen in your heart.
It is a day to be grateful to Seth for having made the world a bigger and more joyful place than it was before.

Seth I love you.

Lucky little Tofu gets a pants ride!

Seth in high school

Sculpey creatures.  The one on the right is Seth's; I think Hisako did the other one.

in the arcade at Osu Kannon in Nagoya


j_ay said...

Happy Flowering Nose Day!
I love the little sculptures (the one on the background is neat too), strange 'clay' (or substance), as it is fleshy coloured.
Gotta love the pink underwear too. And the paint splattered pants...which then has me wishing to see more Seth painted type things.

Thank you, Seth. You are forever an inspiration. And by golly, we really miss you.

Vicki said...

Hi Jay.
The clay is Sculpey. It's a plastic substance that you can bake in an ordinary oven to make it permanent.
I had to look back at the pictures to notice the pink flowered undies. Ah Seth.
He wore those surgical pants a lot, so they got everything on them. In the winter he got some long johns to wear under them because they are pretty thin.

It's nice to know you (we) still miss him, that we haven't moved on so far that we have completely gone past the longing. It is in the missing him, in the hole where he was, that we connect with him I think.