Monday, July 22, 2019

It's Seth's Birthday today

I have probably posted all these before, but time goes by and it's nice to see some of the stuff we thought we knew all over again with new eyes.
Doom Patrol was not an Important Work, but it is endlessly creative, every page filled with interesting and amusing details, and beautiful layouts.  I get a kick out of it every time.  Even the pages that are only what in opera is called "recitativo"--the daily conversations that have to be shown in order for the big events to make sense--like this first page, are a delight to look at.  Seth did nothing in a commonplace way, as he had seen it done before.  No artist invents everything himself; they all stand on one another's shoulders, but Seth did not take for granted perspectives, layouts, how a particular emotion is depicted, or how a particular character needs to relate to his/her environment.  He started from scratch every time.

It's a lesson for anyone who wants to create.

Just another reason to say, "Thank you Seth." 

By the way, the kanji on Vic's T-shirt on the first page is "Heaven."


j_ay said...

Thanks you, Seth!
You are missed.

And I *do* think the Doom Patrol issues are very important, they are just less...accessible? They are not stand-alone issues, so will probably never be collected in a trade paperback and Doom Patrol has always been...D List (?) characters.
But 2 very significant issues in Seth's all too short portfolio. My copies are quite beat up, as I look at them just as much as Snow and Big in Japan.

Thanks you, Seth!

Jesse said...

All of Seth's work is important! And the comic world agrees.
Happy to see you still posting, Vicki. You dont know me, though we met once a bit after Seth passed. I just finished (for today) a Seth Fisher memorial thread on Twitter. It can be found here. (You may have to copy and past, not sure if link will hold up.)

There has been much love and discussion of Seth's work and it has already been shared by many.