Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Seth's Birthday, a couple of days late

You can tell which of these two grave markers is Seth's.
I spent Seth's actual birthday (Sunday the 22nd) at the abbey where he is buried.  I tidied up his grave & visited with him, which I can do anywhere, but there at the grave is the designated spot.  The cemetery is rather austere; all the graves have the same simple concrete cross and a plaque that tells his name and dates.  Hisako and Sarah and I couldn't leave Seth's grave QUITE so plain; it just wouldn't express Sethness that way.  So his particular spot is recognizable from far away by the brightly painted rocks on the arms and top of the cross.  Who knows what HE would have done, had he been available to put his mark on the site?  Now he has to rely on other people's response to his life, people who are not so wildly creative as he.  So we take our cues from him, but do it our way.

Since it IS (or rather it was just a couple of days ago) Seth's birthday, I thought it would be good to post a couple of images of his work that maybe had not been posted before--or at least not for a long time.  The joyful madness of these images just reaffirms the Life beneath the surface of his life.  May his joy keep resounding in the lives of those who love both his person and his work!
Big in Japan, issue 2 page 15

Big in Japan, issue 2 page 16

Big in Japan, issue 2 page 17


j_ay said...

Hoorah for Seth. Yes, we take his inspiration and work into into things Our Way.
As you do with your nice watercolours there. Very nice.

Orange juice and bananas all around.

Vicki said...

Hi Jay. Faithful friend that you are, I knew that you would be there to respond, even though I was late.
Looking for images to post, I found MANY great pictures from Big in Japan, with fabulous monsters running loose in Tokyo, doing their various eccentric monsterly activities. I just chose three pages, but they are all so delightfully exuberant that I am again amazed. Seth's b-day was an excuse to peruse them again, with pleasure.