Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy birthday Seth

Seth's birthday.
These days when I think of Seth, I am hugely appreciative of what he gave me from his life.
I think I was a very ordinary mother, but he took what he was given and saw it all as beautiful and wonderful, and was grateful.  He thought that everything people did, they did for his benefit, and he loved them for it.   Since he didn't have to worry about whether or not people loved him (he knew they did), he used all his efforts to discover things and make beautiful and interesting things.
When he was about six years old he told me that when he grew up he wanted to be a person who discovers things.  He did grow up to be such a person, though maybe not exactly in the way he thought about it as a six-year-old.

His sister Sarah posted this photo on Facebook recently, of Seth at about age 10 delightedly taunting her (~age 5) with a fish.
She thinks it's funny now; clearly she didn't think so then.

I have probably posted images before from his Father & Son Slug Album, but they are quite wonderful, and worth a second posting.  I wanted to put up images that were not comic book related.

At this point Seth's birthday is for us rather than for him, a day for us to remember him and be glad that he was in our lives with his own brand of humor, his own stories, his ponderings, his efforts to bring the world into his joy.

Happy Seth's birthday to all his friends, family, and fans.
I am glad for all of you!

Love,  Vicki


j_ay said...

Beautiful, Vicki.
I was just about to send you a note but then thought, 'lemme check the website'...lovely to see a new photo and some slug drawings.

Raising a orange juice and a banana...
Love, j

Vicki said...

Hi Jay. You always know when to check, my friend.
This year I made sure to post something so it would be up there on the 22nd your time. :-)