Monday, February 10, 2014

When an artist pours his or her whole self into their artwork, it becomes something alive.  That living entity draws people.  The people who look close are rewarded with a relationship. I had a very wise art professor in college who said that you have to live with a work of art; you only come to know it when you live with it.  Then it brings you into its own circle, and you become richer because of it.

The people who are fans of Seth's art are those who have seen the life that is in it, and want that life in their lives.
Occasionally someone wants to give back.
J(ay) has been someone who has over the years given back in many ways to Seth's memory and Seth's family. Regular readers of this blog will remember other sketchcards commissioned by J(ay) and sent to me for Floweringnose day.  Above is this year's crop of cards, a particularly fine selection, I think.

In order to give back to the memory of someone like Seth, one has to find some form that is both generous, quirky, and is part of one's own artistic scheme.  In this commissioning, J(ay) has hit on the perfect combination.  I suspect that J(ay) traded his own sketchcards for each of these, so they are all done by different artists, with their own take on the Flowering Nose. Then J(ay) sent them all on to me.  Generous, quirky, and his own oeuvre.
A beautiful tribute.  Thank you J(ay).

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