Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The new website is up!!!

and it has a whole new look.

Thanks to the hard work and technical skill of our website designers, Seth's work has a presence again on the world wide web.  There is still more to do, especially in the gallery, where we want to present a whole lot more of Seth's artwork for people to see.  Eventually you will be able to view all the old stuff you used to love, as well as see more work of Seth's that you may remember, but don't want to go to the nuisance of going through all the blog archives to find. 

I hope you are not displeased to find that we have changed the look of the website. The way it used to look is still available here, so we can remember how Seth did it himself. At the time of his death, he had a plan to renovate the website, but he didn't tell anyone (as far as I know) what his vision was.   The designers had to use work of Seth's that he had already done, and I think they did a lovely job.  I hope you do too.

1 comment:

j_ay said...

Wow! Looks great Vicki!
I look forward to the store opening.

And also a nice touch that we can always still take a look at the way Seth designed it...