Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More giant heads

After posting the Easter Island picture yesterday, and noting that those heads were part of Seth's mental landscape, I remembered the giant heads that float all around Willworld. But on this page in particular, the large bottom frame has a head statue clearly modeled on the Easter Island ones. Those statues have fascinated people ever since Captain Cook landed there in 1774, but they became particularly meaningful, or maybe particularly memorable for Seth for some reason, and their imagery pops up now and again all through his work.


fsowannabe said...

Hi Vicki,

You and I have never met, but I was a friend of Seth's (and April's) in Shimane. After our 3 years there, I went back to the States and only followed him through his art career - I can remember the day I first saw one of his comics at a store and I felt so proud of him.

It's funny, I just had an oblique post about Seth and his wonderfully unique and passionate views on the world on my own blog - basically about how he liked to move the furniture around in his apartment every couple of months in order to break up the physical and mental inertia.

I'm glad you're blogging at flowering nose. It was a blessing to know him. I still miss him. Best to you and your family,


Vicki said...

Hi Bruce.
Thank you for writing.
Ever since the beginning of this year my posts on the blog have been few and far between, but I feel as if I have written all the commentary on Seth's art that I have to write. That may change as I do more art of my own: I may see more and more in Seth's.
Or I may have more to say about Seth himself. Seth is with me a lot, especially when I am working on art, and his absence is an almost palpable presence sometimes.
Anyway, hearing from his friends is a blessing to me!