Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flowering Nose day

Saturday the 30th of January it will be four years since Seth died.

We have gone on to do things other than grieve. I for one have been drawing quite a lot lately, thanks to Seth, and it has become much easier and faster to get what I want down on paper. (Though when I draw I become more acutely aware of his absence than at other times.) I don't worry that if I erase this, the next try will be not as good. I know that I can do it. I have done battle with perspective and backgrounds, and have learned from doing and redoing. I have stayed with my project, again thanks to Seth, and have improved it. These are student-type thoughts, but I guess it's ok to be a student again. If I don't keep learning, I'll just keep repeating myself.

Last year some of Seth's siblings declared January 30 Flowering Nose Day, a day to encourage artists, to take risks in order to do something worth doing, to create something that delights you, to have fun doing whatever you are doing, to do your best at whatever you do, to remember Seth by stretching out your arms and loving what you are doing and who you are with.
I am all for it.


omenstream said...

I am all for it as well - -

"Flowering Nose Day" sounds like a great idea!

Blessings to you and the family Vicki!

Langdon said...

I could never quite understand Seth's complete commitment to other people. Indeed, to me one of the biggest contradictions about him that he could be so fiercely independent, and in so many ways isolated, yet still maintain his unwavering devotion to encouraging people to live wholly, authentically, and buoyed by unconditional love for themselves.

For me, today will be a time to reconnect with that beautiful Seth Energy, to remember him in more than pictures, ideas, and events; Rather, to tap that vital, immediate, and irresistable source, and help the world smile. Happy Flowering Nose Day.

Love, Langdon

Rian said...

I just wanted to draw your attention to a post on my personal blog about Seth:

I, for one, know that he'll inspire my work just a little more than usual today.

- Rian

Vicki said...

Thanks Justin. I am glad that you peeked in today.

Langdon, that's true, what you describe. Is it a contradiction? It didn't seem to be with Seth. It was all part of the whole. You said it well.
Langdon, I think that the best way for you and me to honor Seth is for us to do the absolute best work we can, both in art and in life. And have fun doing it.

Thank you for the note and the link Rian. I'll check it out.

j_ay said...

That photo of Seth always brings out a smile...indeed Flowering Nose day!

Good to hear your working and workign and working, Vicki.

Anonymous said...
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