Monday, December 14, 2009

Flash: Time Flies page 31

It was the colorist (Chris Chuckry)'s idea to picture Steve Kriozere with blue outlines rather than black. Seth drew him the same as the other things in this picture. You can consider for yourself if it works better visually that way or not.
A couple of things jump out at me from this page. One is the structures, which I have talked about before. The physical setting is as much the star of this story as anything else, at least in Seth's rendering of it. The varied ornate awnings and solar panels that take up nearly the whole of the second frame all seem to be part of an overall plan for heating and cooling and maybe making the air usable, something an engineer could figure out if he could see the blueprints.
The other thing that interests me is-- though maybe a comic book art staple--something I don't have the guts to do in drawing. That is the realistic (but exaggerated-looking) perspective in the small square on the lower right, of Steve hurrying away, seen from below. It's an ant's-eye view, and if you were lying on the ground taking a photograph you would see it the same. Nevertheless, it's unnatural to draw it that way; Steve comes out looking a little like Gumby. The pointy sticks bouncing around between us and him make it clearer.


j_ay said...

This is something that is realllllly trendy with today’s colourists…sometimes it works, often not. More and more the computer colourist is involved in the art, blurring images and these “color holds”. So much so that some artists are no longer inking their work and just letting the “digital painter” (ugh) work from their pencils.

I do think it works for a faded type of style (like the many-Flashes in a panel. To show speed) but generally I’m not big on computer colouring.

Although I can easily imagine Seth getting a kick out of these techniques and he may have employed some himself as he got more and more familiar with digital colouring.

Vicki said...

Jay, I have to confess that I only just found your comment yesterday. I had received some obscene comments, and so I put in a device that lets me moderate the comments before they go up. But I didn't realize that they didn't give me an e-mail notification about comments if I had to moderate them first. So, not receiving any e-mails, I didn't realize there were comments. I know now.

ANyway, you know a lot more than I do about the technical aspects of this art. I have mixed feelings about the blue outlines. THey make some things clearer, it's true. But I prefer the uncolored pages in general.