Wednesday, September 23, 2009

on the road

The family is on the way to Oregon to attend the opening of the superhero exhibition at University of Oregon. We are taking a few days to drive north from Southern California, and a few more days to drive south again. There is the exhibition itself, and the three grownups are heartily looking forward to that. But for the five-year-old among us (Seth's son Tofu), that is likely to be one long dull evening. So for his benefit, and to show his mother some more of the USA, and also because it is fun to take car trips together, we are making this trip into a tour of the beautiful Pacific Northwest as well. We are sitting right now in a motel near Mount Shasta, one of two volcanoes in California (although I think it is a dead one). Tomorrow we will stay at the Oregon Caves, where no matter how hot the outside temperature is, inside it is pitch dark and a steady 44 degrees F. The next day we'll drive to Eugene, where the university is, and go to the Opening.

I am writing this on my husband's laptop which has none of my pictures on it. So I won't be able to post any pictures until we get home October 2. But I will take some photos of the exhibition so I'll be able to show them here sometime after that.

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j_ay said...

Have fun and safe trip!