Thursday, August 27, 2009

Influences on Seth, in his own words: Otomo

a couple of Seth images

Seth wrote this in 1998 or earlier, when he talked more about his work and methods. Later he let the work speak for itself more. I think he also didn't have the time to write so much about it; he spent more time DOING it.
a couple of Otomo images

But here is what he said about Otomo:
"Katsuhiro Otomo is definitely my idol whn it comes to angles and comic storytelling. Quite simply put, he is the best, bar none, at making a story exciting, subtle, and clear. His epic work Akira is the first book I pull off my shelves every time I feel a little empty in the idea department. Looking through his eyes suddenly makes me realize how two-dimensional and uninspired my thought processes are. It makes me rethink the obvious."

Seth's admiration for Otomo then, didn't cause him to copy at all, just to rethink his own pictures. So what he learned was about seeing an old idea from a new perspective, and making a story exciting, subtle, and clear. The two images (out of gazillions) that I chose from Otomo show all these things, and although you can't see the story from just these pictures, you can see that there certainly is one.
The two images of Seth's that I chose show how he also learned to look at a story with fresh eyes, and to find a point of view (both literal and figurative) that is clear and tells something about the story that the words alone are not saying.

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