Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Batman SNOW #192 page 10: Groucho

In my last post I mentioned that the father slug in Seth's funny little slug album sometimes has a mustache and bushy eyebrows, reminescent of those Groucho nose-and-glasses contraptions. And of course of Groucho himself.

I don't think I have posted this picture here before: Seth's inclusion of Groucho as a scientist in Dr Fries' company. This scientist has one more brief walk-on in issue 194, page 6, though without his glasses. This isn't a funny part of the story, but this page always tickles me. Seth amused himself with details, some of which the editors caught and eliminated, and some, like adding Groucho as a character, that they allowed.

One more thing about this page. I love the way Dr Groucho wraps his arm around the doorway, so you can see his right hand in the neighboring office next to the donuts, and his face in Dr Fries' office through the window that says FRIES, VICTOR on it. A very elegant throwaway panel.

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j_ay said...

Great page! I loveeeeee all the detail too.