Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seth's note on yesterday's Moses picture

I knew the note below was in my archives somewhere, but it took me some mental detective work to dig it up. It must have been in the very early incarnation of Seth's website, when it was still on Geocities (remember that?), without the address. My friend Mary Bell had printed out every page from his website (how proud we all were of Seth!) and she sent them to me after he died. A little extra Seth when it was most needed.
It shows the Moses picture over a drawing of a Seth character called Murl Fern, and it says that it was done in 1996, a couple of years earlier than I thought.

The caption says, "My, my, my...Seth's mother must be tickled pink!" giggles Murl. "It was a Christmas/birthday present, after all. I'm not sure why, but Moses himself isn't really visible [and I had thought the guy in the middle with the crookstaff was Moses] but his aftermath certainly is. But who's they guy with no teeth?"


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