Friday, July 3, 2009

Influences on Seth: Winsor McCay

Seth gave me this delightful picture of a girl riding a jellyfish a long time ago: maybe it was when he was still living in the Oki Islands (before 1998), I don't remember exactly. I wouldn't say that he drew it on account of his knowledge of Winsor McCay, but when I found the picture by McCay below it reminded me of this one by Seth.
I have spoken here before about how much he loved the ocean and its denizens. He may have encountered jellyfish while he was diving, and pictured a pleasurable--not stinging--relationship between a girl and a really big jellyfish, something he could do in a fluid, curving, poetic, neo-Art Nouveau sort of manner.

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j_ay said...

Lots of (non-stinging) jelly action there. Very cool drawing.

The McCay is straight-up whacky!