Monday, June 8, 2009

Happydale 2 page 5

Some more of the people of Happydale.
On this page we meet Ralph and Ron Beck, jingle writers and sharpshooters, and the unnamed, obese receptionist at the sheriff's office.
I do not know how much of this is Andrew Dabb's brainchild and how much of it is Seth's. The original idea was Andrew's, but the two of them worked on it together, and the collaborative effort probably brought out the best in both of them, leading to, on this page: the sharpshooter team of one brother with no legs and the other with no arms, the fat receptionist who can't help but spread juicy secrets.
The next few pages introduce a delightfully bizarre group of Happydalians, people who are just part of the crowd in this town, but would be pariahs anywhere else.
We looked at the deputy sheriff HR's telephone the other day, which was a rotary one. Ralph and Ron have a (digital) kangaroo phone. They also have in their apartment an Easter Island statue, a pair of antlers (on the floor), a computer and copier, and Seth's favorite Moebius T-shirt. The receptionist has on her desk a small sign that says in alternate views, 1, and F. In Constance's living room there was also a small square on top of the TV with an F on it. Ah, now I get it: F is for Fisher. Also behind her on the wall is a most unlikely (except in Seth-land) large painting of a group of samurai.

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