Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big city life

Seth was familiar with urban life, and he liked it. He had been very happy in the couple of places he lived in the country in his life, but there was something about the adrenalin of the big city that drew him in.

He also liked cranky individuals. It gave him great pleasure to see the great and powerful come in contact with the small but dogged. He didn't buy books very often; by the time he was living in Japan the second time, he was trying to keep his possessions to a minimum. But he found a book that touched his imagination enough to actually purchase it and find a place for it among his shelves, called Architectural Holdouts. It's about the curmudgeons who own small properties in New York and absolutely would not be bought out for any price when some large corporation wanted to build something on their land. The result was things like the pictures I am posting below.

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