Saturday, June 13, 2009

Backpack Alarm book

Yesterday I got a fabulous gift in my e-mail!

On May 25, I posted a picture from the children's book/packet that Seth illustrated called BUILD YOUR OWN BACKPACK ALARM. I had that image because a friend of Seth's sent it to me; I didn't have any of the other illustrations: either the paper copies or the digital ones. But when I wrote to Becker & Mayer! to ask them if they could send them to me, they went to a lot of trouble to hunt them down, and gave permission to post them here.
At the risk of sounding like Blanche DuBois, I have been astonished and moved by the kindness of strangers toward me in regard to Seth. I truly don't know if people are always like that and I was always too muddled to notice, or if it is Seth that brings it out in people.

But here is the second illustration from the backpack alarm booklet. This page is titled "Sound the alarm!", and it gives a short lesson on the use of various sorts of theft alarms. In Seth's picture, the visitor is avoiding the dog, stepping over the electric tripwires, and touching the keypad in order to enter the house without being crushed by the fall of a nail-studded board overhead.
For a small, clean drawing, this one has a lot of information. Seth was more tempted to add too many details than to leave things out. So, though he simplified his work for projects like this, he didn't leave out the humor, the perspective, the engineering.


j_ay said...

Great news! Fantastic for all of us to see this (and the others).

And life sometimes does seem like a Tennessee Williams play...not always good thing though...

Vicki said...

No, Tennessee Williams' world would not be my first choice of places to live.