Thursday, June 18, 2009

Backpack Alarm book, Airports and Homeland Security

The heading here is about protecting against terrorist attack, but this picture illustrates a sub-topic: "Bees, Making the World a Safer Place".

The paragraph explains how researchers at the University of Montana are training bees to locate landmines. Safer than using dogs, whose weight can set off the mine.

I love the big-haired lady paratrooper, her arms loaded with honey, stepping up onto a rock as she follows the bees to the mine.

The dot-eyed bees look a little like Bob the Slug, don't they?
Why is the soldier stepping on a rock instead of around it? I think it is to give her body the same curve as the line of bees has.

Incidentally, in the book, there is one more close-up bee at the top right, its body coming from outside the border of the picture, as if it were arriving at work from another job site.

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