Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Doom Patrol sketch issue 13 page 22

Let's look at one more sketch, along with its final form.
In changing this from a two-frame page to a splash page with two insets, he made the look of it quite a bit more dramatic, even though the essentials are not changed a bit. The fact that, in the final, the frame with the monster in it doesn't end at the top gives the whole image a more looming, less confined feel, though the only actual drawing we see above the inset is a bit of the top of a building on the left.
He added details to the buildings, especially at the bottom. And he changed the style of the windows. He also changed the team's look in the bottom inset, so the faces are different sizes, meaning we see them from very close up. Though the page is effective in the sketch, the changes he made to the final add a surprising amount of drama.

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