Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Contact page 2

Page 2. In one of the blimps the wizards are preparing something. It would appear to be something like the sacrifice that Seth did a separate 4 page wordless story about. There is a nearly naked woman sitting in the middle of the rug, which has more or less the markings on it that are in the sacrifice picture. But the setting is more workaday, with a couple of children in the foreground making houses out of cards, a guy sitting on the right looking bored, and a Sethly amount of bric-a-brack lying about on shelves, not exactly the setting for a solemn sacrificial ritual.

In the second frame we can see the blimps more clearly than in the first page, from yesterday. They are longer and leaner than the ones Seth designed a little later. I know he had some changes of ideas about the designs. Below is one of his later designs, with several auxiliary compartments and solar panels all along the top.

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