Monday, April 20, 2009

Flash sketches

Look what I found! I was going through some notebooks, looking for scans that Seth had made of some of his comic books. He made computer paper size scans of all his work and kept them in notebooks. All those notebooks are here at the house: I didn't realize before what a great resource they are. Sometime I'll scan some of those images to use here on this blog.

Anyway, in that box there was an envelope of very tight, clean sketches for Flash: Time Flies. Unfortunately Seth used a very hard pencil do do his preliminary sketches. The hard pencil makes lines that don't smudge, so he could get good detail, even in drawings as small as these; they are all done on used computer paper. But my attempts to scan them resulted in mostly white space with a few little grey dots.

Here are a couple that are a little darker. The lower one IS a pencil drawing, a somewhat darker one. Still very tight. He didn't fudge on those elaborate ribs in the vaulted building, even for the sketch he made for his own use. It was all copied pretty exactly onto the page for the Flash book. I have put the page that each sketch was used for beside the sketch, if Blogger put them in the right place.

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j_ay said...

Great find! I love sketches.