Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Myst 3 design drawings

The tower that is the central focus of the island in the first age of Myst 3 went through a number of permutations before it achieved its final look. The top image is one of the earliest of Seth's ideas for it.
I will post a few more of his tower designs soon, but I have a little something else to say before I do.

When Seth was a senior in college, he was given the opportunity to have a solo art show in a gallery space there. I flew out to Colorado to help him put it up, and to celebrate his first exhibition with him. We mounted about 20 of his drawings and hung them around the room. Among them was the drawing that is here at the bottom. I always thought it was a memorable image: quirky, mysterious, amusing, and a little bit melancholy. (The dark ink at the lower edge, by the way, is because my scanner is not quite big enough for the art board of the drawing. Seth's original is clean.)
So when I was going through these Myst 3 tower drawings, I was startled and tickled to see that Seth had also kept that image in his mind, and thought he might be able to give it a second life as part of Myst 3. He was a professional, however, and knew that no matter how much you may like a particular image, the work as a whole must take precedence. So the little brace screwed into the cliff face went into the "extras" file.

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