Thursday, March 12, 2009


This four page wordless story was published in Heavy Metal Magazine in January of 2001. What I have here are Seth's own files of his work. So, like the story "The Seed", he evidently did his own digital coloring. I have the actual pages too, but I haven't taken pictures of them.

This story is one of several that he did in the same general setting--one that he had in his mind for years. Finally, in 2004 or so he wrote up his ideas into something he could give to a scriptwriter, and approached some media types who might be interested, though nothing ever came of it. I posted quite a lot about it in August of last year, under the general heading "Nimbus".

He intended for each of the stories to be able to stand on its own, much like a television series. I'll post the rest of this story in coming days.


j_ay said...

Looks like Seth was getting more comfortable with the digital colouring...

Vicki said...

Yeah. The colors look pretty good to me.