Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vertigo Pop Tokyo 4, page 19

This is the last of the Tokyo scans I have that Seth made some time ago.
This is one of those pages that carries the story along with tension, but no big central theme. It opens in the police station, where the two policemen are watching on monitors the One-Six-Seven concert in order to nab the person who kidnapped Hike yesterday (our heroine Maki, of course). Her friend Mizumi is with the police to help, but Mizumi's interest is in Maki's brother Ryuji.

In the center frame with all the monitors, Seth has drawn all the equipment, all the different images on the monitors, and all the little dials and doodads that might be in such a studio. We can tell more or less what is happening on stage from the images on the monitors. The wall of monitors has a lot of data, but visually it reads almost like a grey tone background. The human being, Mizumi, takes precedence. Seth preferred to use patterns instead of plain grey to make background in any case, and especially patterns that provide information for the story.

There are a couple of extras he put in this page for his own amusement, I believe. The screen just above the coffee cup in the central frame has an image of--I don't know what. It looks like someone in a superhero suit making a gesture toward someone wearing a coat that has a large eye on it. I have no idea of the meaning.
Also down at the very bottom left is the top of Seth's own head.


j_ay said...

Great page!
I got the collected edition yesterday. *No* extras of any sort.
Just the 2 stories.
Seth’s drawing(s) take up about 85% of the cover.
The paper is similar to the original comic (not like Marvel’s glossy paper) but the printing in the trade has the colour saturated a bit too much. The pinks are more purple.

Still, a great thing to have.

Gareth said...

Is it out in TPB?! I'll have to get a copy - I have the comics, but I'm a bit worried they'll disintegrate...

Thanks for that, Jay.