Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vertigo Pop Tokyo 3, page 17

Although Seth made a point of not drawing his pages in order, I do believe that his skills improved over the course of drawing this book. Or maybe he hit his stride in this modified manga style he chose.

This whole page is filled with expression and clarity, plus some of Seth's trademark little extras. The top two panels are frames from Steve's camcorder, the one on the right jiggling and showing the ground from an oblique angle as the camcorder hits the ground with a THWACK.

On the lower left, Steve's face and body are "very much stress", as he recovers his banged camera. Behind him on a billboard is an ad for psychedelic mushrooms. The shop behind Mizumi in the first frame has the head of a robot-sort of creature by way of an awning over the door. Little details that make you want to see just a little farther than the edge of the frame, so you can tell what the context is. Seth knew, but he kept it to himself, private jokes.

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