Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vertigo Pop Tokyo 1 page 21

I have never seen this page in the flesh. Seth must have sold it pretty soon after he got it back from the publishers. No wonder; it's a great page.
The band, One-Six-Seven, looks exactly right, as a group costumed for girlish adoration. They are placed up high, with their poses, their sound system, and their monitors taking up about three quarters of the page. You can almost hear the deafening sound from the amplifiers, as Steve's throbbing ears attest. The lower quarter of the page is a glimpse of the fans crowded together, the point of view of the page at their eye level, which makes them seem quite sheeplike. It would be an undifferentiated herd, except that the fans are also in costume.
When Seth came home from his expedition to Japan to gather material for this series, one of the things he brought back was a magazine dedicated to Visual Kei style clothing such as Maki wears. I had never seen anything like it: a combination of Raggedy Ann, Barbie, and your little brother's closet, put together with bobby pins. But this picture captures the spirit, though mostly what you can see in it are many different hairdos with their accessories.
I get a kick out of the fact that Seth didn't leave anything out of the scene. Even the row of lights, the grid of pipes holding up the monitors, the stage mechanics, are all meticulously drawn in.


j_ay said...

Beautiful page.
I just ordered my copy (through US Amazon, so it’ll take some time) today.

As you stated earlier, there _could_ be some goodies in there, emails or preliminary sketches, etc. Although with the trade coupling 2 mini-series (i.e. high page count) it may not have been something the editors thought was necessary/cost efficient...we’ll see.
Regardless, it’s a good idea to support the publisher(s) of Seth Fisher projects...who knows if sales are good we could potentially see some collection that includes the 2 amazing Doom Patrol issues.

Vicki said...

Yes, I'd like to see the Doom Patrol books reissued as a unit.

Unknown said...

this is a fantastic page! I love the little expression on the boy's hand - - I think I felt like that in Japan!

Seth had tremendous sensitivity and a true genius for expressing it so succinctly in his work.

Meticulous, but not over done...