Friday, January 2, 2009

Willworld odds and ends

More spot drawings from Willworld. For what it's worth, this was, I think, the first page Seth sold from Willworld. It could have been used in the book as is, but what actually happened was that the editors took the various floating objects and tossed them together in a different order on the back dustcover of the hardback. The two heads, one of them a grimacing Seth, didn't make it. Hal's face, looking very confused, was put there instead.

It's an odd assortment of doodads; none of them seems to refer to anything actually seen in the story. Or is it possible that each of these things is found somewhere on one of the pages? I don't know.


j_ay said...

I've seen the Seth self-portrait before...I'd have to check at home but maybe it _did_ make it on the book itself (take off the dust-jacket and there it is).
Or maybe I'm just losing my memory...

Vicki said...

Wow Jay, what a visual memory you have. You are exactly right; there it is!