Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lllama Land's electronic preserve, part 3

"Mulligan here eats over 30,000 tons of mackerel, tuna, and bluefish every year. It is only a rigorous training schedule that keeps him so trim and perky," brags Spiney. "Our own trainers use the latest equipment to ensure that Mull is always within 10% of his ideal weight. That doesn't keep him from the occasional sirloin, but please, folks, if you want to feed him, 'Mull-Pellets' (tm) are on sale in the lobby. No high-fat energy sapping chocolates of candies for this hungry fellow."

"In the Lllama Land nursery, pupation is just another word for fun. Here we raise and instruct young grubs in the ways of the world. We are committed to education of our young people because, after all, these grubs are the mealworms of the future."

Those are all the drawings from the Lllama Land preserve that I can locate at the moment. All these creatures made their debut as part of an English teaching program in Japan around 1996 or 7. Seth was one of the teachers in charge of the structure and games for a week-long English camp for students in his public high school in Japan. He designed these characters to help his students forget that they were working on something that was hard for most of them. The characters were part of the games they played to make English stick in their minds. When his teaching time was finished, the characters still had lots of life in them, and so they were moved to Lllama Land for the edification and delight of cyber viewers all over the world.


j_ay said...

Too cool, thanks for sharing those, Vicki.

Other good news is that Seth's readership could/should increase: the Tokyo trade is released this week!

Vicki said...

That's great. I am looking forward to seeing the book.