Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lllama Land's electronic preserve

By request, here begins an introduction to some of the weird and wonderful inhabitants of Lllama Land, that place that, like all good fairy tales, began once upon a time, and no longer exists.

The pictures are all Seth's. For the words, we have both Seth and Langdon--that is, Lllangdon--to thank.

"Hey folks, Bob Spiney here. Welcome to the natural electronic preserve where Lllama Land's creatures can roam freely. Personally, I'm at home everywhere, in the sea or the desert where I can blend in with my cactus bretheren or my fishy friends. I'm gonna guide you through the ins and outs of this unique adventure, but please folks, keep your arms and legs inside your browsers at all times."

"The playful lllemur has a habit of finding its way to your banana, so guard your pockets, especially if you're glad to see him," warns Spiney. "Keep all shiny objects out of sight too. We had a guest here lose her steel hip replacement after a run-in with a pack of these little mongrels."