Monday, January 19, 2009

Kawada faces sketch

These little sketches were labeled "Kawada faces 2" in Seth's files. They are unfinished, very sketchy. (If you look closely the color doesn't always go to the edge, and there are some extra lines. Seth might not appreciate me posting them.) They are probably something he was toying with for a project, but I don't know who or what Kawada is, or what the project might be. They are pretty inconsequential, but cute.

A friend of mine gave me a device that you can put anything into it and make it into a sticker. I have printed these, cut them out, and made them into stickers for various occasions.


Jon said...

I love the Kawada stickers. I took the ones you put on my package and put them on one of my Original Art portfolios. They were just too cool to not find another use for and to end up in the trash. Especially after the time it took you to cut them out without nipping the fingers off.

Vicki said...

I used recycled packaging for your book, and thought it needed a little something to cover the scraped and torn places, and make it look more like something you would be glad to receive. Those stickers were just the thing.

j_ay said...

Those are very, very fun.
Maybe potential designs for another cafe-type project Seth did (?)

Excellent idea of making them stickers!