Monday, January 5, 2009

Happydale #2 page 56: eBay auction

A few friends have noted that this page is being offered for sale on eBay. Here is the link.
In this, as in all Seth's work, we get the feel that the world goes on far beyond the lines at the edges of the panels. You catch a fleeting glimpse of the cafe where the friends have been drinking, along with whatever stores are beside it. There is a bicycle chained to the parking meter in the upper right panel, as well as what appears to be a fruit stand protruding out into the sidewalk.
Seth used to have a dinosaur suit similar to the one that Dino wears in this book. It was green with yellow things on the back, though it wasn't padded like this one is. It was actually meant as pajamas, and I think he bought them in Japan. Somewhere I have a picture of him wearing it; I'll post it if I can find it.
Seth's love for his eccentric characters is very evident in this page. They are given dignity even with their costumes and their goofiness. Paradox man especially, with his polka-dot pants, his full coverage face mask, and his knee and elbow guards, is quixotically noble, believing that everyone shares his vision of honor.


j_ay said...

oh yes, please do dig that photo up!

j_ay said...

(hammer sound)
the winning bid was $417.76