Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freddy Wertham page 3: Seth's roughs and Langdon's finished work

I won't post the whole book in this way, but I'll show one more page. The rest of Langdon's work can be found here.

On this page Langdon stayed quite close indeed to the roughs Seth did. He used exactly the same positions for the characters: the person in the lower right corner (Lucifer) has the same old fashioned glasses and unpleasant smile; the action in the large upper panel takes place in the middle ground of the scene just as in the rough drawing. The characters are sitting or standing in very nearly the same positions.

If you make the rough drawing bigger you can see how Seth blocked in his perspective. There are perspective lines lightly drawn in all through the image of the workroom. His lines continue off the page to the vanishing points. I know from what he wrote that he did not always make perspective so precise in his pictures; some places you can fudge and it will be fine. But in a room like this, where we see a big space littered with squarish objects, if the perspective is off, the reader will have a sense that something is just not quite right.

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